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 Speaker Rental Packages

      Below are some of our most popular speaker rental packages that can be customized to fit your specific needs.

      Powered Speaker Packages

Wedding Ceremony Speakers and Mic for Rent

Ceremony Sound System

The perfect wireless solution for wedding ceremonies or corporate presentations up to 65 ppl with bluetooth. 

1-QSC K10 - 10 inch 2 way full range powered speaker

1- Speaker Stand

1- Wireless Microphone

1- Bluetooth adapter

and all necessary cables

500 Watt System

Small powered full range sound system for rent

K12 Powered PA Sound System

All purpose PA, small-size venue, long-throw sound system great for small functions up to 100 ppl

2-QSC K12 -12 inch 2 way full range powered speakers

2-Speaker Stands

1-Wired Microphone

and all necessary cables.

1000 Watt System

Powered Speaker and Subwoofer System for rent

 Boomin Sound System 

The Boomin System is the perfect set-up for a small event or party when you need that extra thump for music playback(DJ) or a live musician.up to 100 ppl

1-QSC K12 Powered Speaker

1-QSC KW181-18 inch Pwrd Subwoofer

1-Subwoofer Pole

and all necessary cables

1500 Watt System

Small Powered Sound System with a Sub for rent

Small Powered Sound System

2- QSC K12 -12 inch Powered Speakers

1-QSC KW181-18 in Powered Subwoofer

2 - Speaker Stands

1 - Mackie 1402VLZ Stage Mixer

1-Wired Microphone

and all the necessary cables.

2000 Watt System


Medium Sized Powered Sound System with Subs for rent

Medium Powered Sound System

2-QSC KW152 - 15 inch Pwrd. Speakers

2-QSC KW181-18 inch Pwrd, Subwoofers

2-Subwoofer poles

1-Mackie 1402VLZ Stage Mixer

1-Wired Microphone 

and all the necessary cables.

4000 Watt System

150-300 ppl

Large QSC Powered Sound System for Rent

 Large Powered Band Sound System

2-QSC KW 152-15 inch Pwrd.Speakers

2-QSC K 12.2 - 12 inch Pwrd.Stage Monitor Speakers 

4-QSC KW 181-18 inch Pwrd.Subwoofers

2- Sub poles, 2- Speaker Stands

1-Mackie 1604VLZ Stage Mixer

3 - SM58 Wired Microphones

and all the necessary cables.

8000 Watt Systen

200-500 ppl

                                                                                              Passive Speaker Packages

Small Sound System for rent with speakers and subs

 Standard JBL SRX Sound System

2-JBL SRX812 12 inch 2-way speakers

2-JBL SRX718 BLK Subwoofers

1- DBX PA2 Driverack

2-QSC 3102 PowerWave Amplifiers

2-Subwoofer Speaker Poles

6 Space Roadcase

1- Mackie 1402VLZ Stage Mixer

and all the necessary cables.

6000 Watt System

100-300 ppl

Large Sound Systems for rent

Large JBL SRX Live Sound System

4-JBL MPro 415 15 inch 2-way speakers


 4-JBL SRX 812 12 inch 2 way speakers

4-JBL SRX 718 Subwoofers

1-Venue360 Driverack

2-QSC 3102 PowerWave Amplifiers

2-QSC PL236 Powerlight Amplifiers

2-Subwoofer Speaker Poles

14 Space Roadcase

1- Allen Heath QU-16 Digital Stage Mixer

and all the necessary cables.

10000 Watt System

200-500 ppl